We are a compassionate team of consultants and behavior technicians, as well as a deeply supportive administrative team. We provide customized behavior analytics and skill-based goals to each client, which helps them develop into the best version of themselves.

Our Philosophy

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Functional Learning

Every child has a unique ability to learn. Our goal is to help your child find what motivates them and encourage functional learning. Functional Learning goals will help decrease the likelihood of maladaptive behaviors and increase positive behaviors that may lead to independent functioning in relevant areas.

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Quality Service

We ensure our BCBA's keep small caseloads in order to deliver the highest level of care to each child that comes our way. All of our services are overseen by a BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) and implemented by trained behavior technicians and experienced Registered Behavior Technicians.

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Encouraged Learning

We encourage parents to participate in learning and working together with service providers to meet your child’s needs. Consistency is key for successful learning patterns.

We Believe

  • We are committed to broadening and improving the lives of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental delays. We provide individualized, scientifically-based services through Applied Behavior Analysis  (ABA) in Salt Lake, Wasatch and Summit Counties.  
    We believe that every child has the capacity to learn. We use ABA as a methodical approach to teaching communication, social and functional living skills. We will work with your child and family to create a target-specific plan that is most essential to increasing your child’s independence and quality of life.
  • We prioritize a gentle approach that takes into consideration a child’s bodily autonomy and free will. We are dedicated to creating a positive, least restrictive environment wherein a child may learn, grow, and access reinforcing experiences. We believe that ABA is merely a tool used in the broader picture of therapy. We happily work alongside other professionals, including teachers, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, mental health providers and medical doctors. 

Working Together With You

Let us help you lead your child to live long independence and growth

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In-Home Services

Comfortable Therapy

We have a high level of experience when it comes to child development and collaboration with other teams including schools, OT, PT, Speech and language, and pediatricians. 

Clinic Based Therapy

Our Facility

Applied behavior analysis has been used in many areas including business, school, and specific therapies such as ABA. there is extensive research showing the value of therapy especially early on. 

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Music Therapy


Our knowledge of ABA and collaboration will ensure your child makes the most progress possible.

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