Advanced Behavior Analysis

Our Philosophy

The client themselves is the primary agent in deciding the direction of their care. As behavior analysts, we strive to change behaviors so that they are in line with the goals and values that a person has for their life. We focus on behavior change that leads to access to more reinforcers and more inclusion in a least restrictive environment.

Our Approach

As a smaller company, we focus heavily on a teamwork approach when it comes to the individual treatment of our clients. Each of our team members have unique knowledge and a unique approach in which combining them creates something truly special and unique. Our analysts have small caseloads, allowing them to have more time with their clients and provide quality service to each of them. Our training process for our incoming team members includes an in-depth training of not only company policy, but also clinical information to make them fully prepared and ready to implement behavior plans and skill goals with accuracy and fidelity. Not only are our team members trained from day 1, our training continues during each supervision and during monthly meetings where the team can learn, grow and collaborate with one another. Our team members are also required to complete the Registered Behavior Technician training and certification process to ensure the best quality of treatment.

Our clinic space contains a state of the art sensory gym designed by an occupational therapist as well as a unique circle time and center rotation system that includes use of private work rooms to allow clients to focus.

We are one of the only practices in Utah who use a neurodiversity affirming practice model. As a neurodiversity affirming practice, we use methods that allow children to exercise their right to bodily autonomy. This means that we listen to both verbal and nonverbal cues (e.g. body language). We reinforce attempts to communicate the need for personal space, breaks, sensory interventions, assistance, etc. We use hand over hand prompting as a last resort, as this is considered an intrusive intervention and we strive to create an environment where children can learn with the least restrictive supports in place. Statistically, Autistic children are 6-7 times more likely to be victims of sexual assault. Our mission to reduce physical prompting and teach self advocacy skills and bodily autonomy has a lot to do with keeping every child safe throughout their lives.

We are constantly updating and improving upon our policies and procedures as well as how we train our team to ensure the best quality treatment for our clients and staff.

Our administration model is unique and offers heavy oversight to our technicians and behavior analysts to ensure quality treatment and experience for our clients and their families