Jaimie D'Agostini

Mock up wall in the children's room with kid table set in light white color wall background.

What is ABA?

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is best known for its success in treating individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities (e.g., Down syndrome, intellectual disabilities). Treatment in this area is effective across an individual’s lifespan (i.e., childhood, adolescence, adulthood). In young children with developmental disabilities such as ASD, the goal of intensive, comprehensive …

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Superhero kid jumping

Presume Competence

“Rather than labeling individuals as “low functioning” or “high functioning,” we should recognize that people with autism vary in their ability to demonstrate competence. Our responsibility is then to presume, find, and strengthen that competence. “ John P Hussman, Hussman Institute for Autism One of the first and most important steps in preserving dignity and …

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