Advanced Behavior Analysis


We have a team of dedicated behavior analysts who practice high quality training, supervision and treatment for both staff and clients. On a monthly basis, the Regional Managers will go through each BCBA’s caseload client by client, to make sure the BCBA feels supported in the care they are providing for each individual child. This is also a way for our clinical admin team to ensure the highest quality of care is being delivered to each child. BCBAs participate in monthly consultant meetings where we cover relevant topics at length. These meetings provide opportunities for group discussions and collaboration on a variety of subjects.

Promotional Opportunities

ABA Inc. employees have opportunities for advancement based on merit. Employees will start as an entry level behavior technician. From there, they may be promoted by way of postgraduate studies and board certifications to an advanced RBT, Junior Consultant, and finally, BCBA. We happily welcome candidates who are pursuing their masters degree and/or board certification, and will place you in the promotional hierarchy accordingly, following an interview with the clinical admin team. If you would like more information about the promotional process, you may contact Ben will connect you with a member of the clinical admin team to discuss details.


  • Competitive pay rates with salary and hourly options
  • PTO benefits
  • Health insurance benefits including dental, vision, and medical
  • Flexibility with scheduling with full time or part time options
  • Small caseloads
  • Consistent opportunities for additional clinical oversight
  • Access to Advanced Behavior Analysis’ growing library of resources
  • Invitation to monthly consultant meetings with high quality, varying content created by a member of the clinical admin team
  • High quality staff training for technicians on cases
  • Highly experienced billing team to manage credentialing, licensing, and authorizations.
  • Highly experienced scheduling team to manage client and staff schedules/availability
  • Promotional opportunities
  • Open and inclusive company culture that is neurodiversity affirming, LGBTQA+ affirming, and a safe learning environment for all
  • Free access to company used assessments including the ABLLS-R, Vineland III, VBMAPP, and AFLS
  • Access to free CEU’s through Relias
  • Supportive of working families & caregivers