Advanced Behavior Analysis

In-Home Services

Individualized Plans

At Advanced Behavior Analysis, Inc., we create an individualized plan focused on teaching a learner skills that are in line with their values. This can include basic communication skills, activities of daily living, self advocacy, social emotional learning, boundary setting and academic readiness skills. We strive to reduce and replace challenging behaviors with functional alternatives. 

We provide in-home consultations, assessments, and therapy sessions to improve the dynamics between the child and society.

Our objective with home-based services is to discover a balance in the home for families through skillful and compassionate interventions delivered by a Behavior Technician or Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) and Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). 



ABA Therapy Sessions in home

Playing and learning together

BCBA's at your house

What does a typical ABA session in home look like?

  • RBT’s will establish a supportive and trusting relationship with the child in order to create a safe learning environment. This relationship is consistently nurtured throughout each session. 
    • RBT’s will identify current reinforcers to encourage participation in learning. 
  • BCBA’s will collaborate with caregivers and stakeholders to ensure that the goals within the treatment plan are in line with the needs and values of the child and family.