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What is ABA?

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is best known for its success in treating individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities (e.g., Down syndrome, intellectual disabilities). Treatment in this area is effective across an individual’s lifespan (i.e., childhood, adolescence, adulthood). In young children with developmental disabilities such as ASD, the goal of intensive, comprehensive

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The “Why” of Behavior

From a clinical standpoint, behavior is classified in terms of its function. A behavioral function can also be considered the “why” of a behavior. When a behavior is observed, a behavior analyst or technician will look at the behavior with what occurred immediately before and after. This helps us identify a pattern and therefore, a

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Presume Competence

“Rather than labeling individuals as “low functioning” or “high functioning,” we should recognize that people with autism vary in their ability to demonstrate competence. Our responsibility is then to presume, find, and strengthen that competence. “ John P Hussman, Hussman Institute for Autism One of the first and most important steps in preserving dignity and

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The Evolution of Modern ABA Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has experienced significant growth since its beginning in the 1970s. The milestones of ABA therapy growth have come from unparalleled education, embraced positivity, public awareness, and continued acceptance. Unfortunately, many Autistic adults recollect negative memories with their own ABA therapy from childhood.  Previously practiced ABA therapy included the following techniques.  -Forced

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Promoting Autism Acceptance in Society

Autistic individuals need help learning to live their “best life”. The individual characteristics that each child possesses should be championed and capitalized upon. By no means should their uniqueness be taken away while developing a plan to help your child live within the boundaries of this great big world.

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Early Signs of Autism

Detecting Autism Early As your child develops, you will often look for specific benchmark traits that show your child is progressing normally. These traits include responding to their name, reacting to facial expressions, babbling, or imitating others.  Parents are usually quite aware of how their child is growing in relation to other children.   Pediatricians also

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