Advanced Behavior Analysis

Our Administration Team

Dominic Welch

Scheduling Manager

Dominic has had a number of years of experience in many areas of what some would call life and the pursuit of happiness, and is what most call a jack of all trades master of only a few. His studies at Weber State University have helped him learn how to utilize his ability to work with a wide variety of individuals, and his background in sales has aided him in being able to talk to anyone. The experience Dominic has had as a councilor/therapy tech has given him the knowledge and understanding of just how important mental health is. When Dominic isn't working you can find him spending time with his wife and children. He likes Pina colada's and getting caught in the rain, only when jogging or hiking. Dominic Has a love-hate relationship when it comes to fixing, building, or maintaining his personal vehicle's, and always enjoys a good game of paintball.

Tara Wackerly

Billing Manager

Tara Wackerly is our billing manager. She handles all new client intakes, authorization, insurance benefits and billing. Tara has been in the ABA field since 2014 and loves helping clients get the services they are looking for. When she is not working she is traveling the united states with her family in their RV

Josh Ahlberg

Human Resources

Josh is the Human Resources Manager for Advanced Behavior Analysis. He came to the team with 17 years experience in recruitment, hiring and operations. Josh is in charge of identifying new clinical staff to join the ABA team, as well as general HR and operational functions. He joined the ABA team in March of 2021 with the intention of helping in the process of improving the lives of our clients and their families. Although not directly working with clients, working directly with the clinical staff to ensure quality staff are joining the team, and assisting our existing team members with all things HR. In his free time, Josh and his family enjoy all things outdoors and winter. He loves skiing, hiking, mountain biking, fishing, kayaking and ice hockey.

Coralee Tucker

Billing Assistant

Coralee is the billing assistant. She has worked in accounting and administration roles for 7 years. She traveled in a self-converted campervan for 2 years with her fiance and her cat. She enjoys the outdoors, hiking, and traveling. Coralee is always trying to learn new things and improve professionally and personally. She loves numbers and solving problems, and always does her best to help those around her.