Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) Candidates

We are committed to broadening and improving the lives of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental delays by providing individualized, scientifically based services in the Salt Lake and Summit County areas. We believe that every child can learn by using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), a methodical approach to learning where effective, long-term results may e achieved. We work with children and their families to create a target-specific plan that is most essential in increasing the child’s independence and quality of life.

The clinical admin team at ABA Inc. has prioritized quality training and supervision for our staff to ensure they are meeting their career goals. For those individuals pursuing their BCBA certification, we offer weekly group supervision, as well as weekly opportunities for individual supervision from direct supervisors as well as regional managers to encourage a well rounded learning environment. Regional Managers support their teams with monthly individual check in meetings, as well as  shadowing supervisions as needed. Lastly, BCBA candidates will eventually have the opportunity to gain supervision experience as a Junior Consultant with the guidance of their Regional Manager.

Opportunities for BCBA Candidates

Advanced Behavior Analysis is committed to shaping upcoming BCBA’s through education, support and advancement opportunities. At Advanced Behavior Analysis, we take our job of training the future’s analysts very seriously. Here are some things we offer to those seeking the BCBA certification:

  • Monthly meetings 1:1 with your personally assigned regional manager. Meetings are always welcome to be held as needed for additional clinical support and training 
  • Advancement programs with opportunities for practice, learning and supervision built into the model.
  • Free supervision during direct care hours (contingent on the agreements within the supervision contract) 
  • Access to 1:1 tutoring and collaboration with colleagues 
  • Attendance invitation to monthly consultant meetings which cover a wide variety of clinical topics 
  • Consistent access during business hours to a highly skilled, highly qualified clinical administration team to discuss questions, concerns, clinical topics, study techniques, client support and so much more!
  • Frequent invitations to participate in assessments with seasoned BCBA’s 
  • Consistent flow of offers for indirect work assignments and projects 
  • Access to Advanced Behavior Analysis’s library of resources, how to’s and step by step guides. 
  • Opportunities for participation in social emotional learning assessments and groups. 
  • Opportunity to become a  ‘Jr Consultant’ (as soon as 9 months prior to BCBA certification) with consistent clinical oversight and collaboration 
  • Access to a team with highly skilled BCBA’s who are eager to assist! 

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