Advanced Behavior Analysis

Safety Care ® Crisis Prevention

Staff at ABA Inc. are certified in Safety Care ® Crisis Prevention Training. Safety Care focuses on teaching least intrusive measures to help support children who are demonstrating unsafe behaviors. 

“Safety-Care teaches staff a wide range of verbal and physical prevention strategies (what to be aware of, how to approach a person, how to stand, how to sit, what to say, how to say it, how to support other staff, etc.). The preventative focus is designed to be an active part of an organization’s restraint prevention and elimination initiative. Our goal is to help you prevent crises so you don’t have to manage them. If there is a crisis, we provide safe and effective tools for management, too.” 

ABA Inc. employs a full time Safety Care trainer. This allows us to have an experienced person on staff who can step in to assist in de escalating and ensuring safe and ethical procedures are used. 

Mother and daughter playing with toys in the gym

Safety Care ® allows us to: 

  • Understand How & Why Crisis Events Happen
  • Reduce the Frequency of Crisis Events with Simple & Effective Strategies
  • Respond Appropriately & Safely to Dangerous Behavior
  • Effectively Support Individuals Who Have Experienced Psychological or Sexual Trauma
  • Prevent or Reduce the Use of Restraint
  • Intervene After a Crisis to Reduce the Chance for Recurrence
  • Apply Evidence-Based, Trauma-Informed Care-Compatible Reinforcement & De-Escalation Techniques